Optigraphic Entrance Floor Mat

Product Number 7415; 7437; 7428; 7438; 7439
Optigrafic Entrance Floor Mats are the perfect choice highly durable entrance matting and can feature your custom logo or artwork on Solution Dyed Nylon. Create your preferred design in up to 6 colours.

DURABLE | Premium tufted logo mats offer superior colour-fastness and wash-fastness.

EFFECTIVE CLEANING | High twist heat set Nylon yarn resists crushing and traps dirt and moisture.

FADE RESISTANT | Solution dyed nylon is impervious to bleach and UV Resistant.

EASY CLEAN | Fully launderable.

MADE IN EUROPE | Manufactured in Europe with no minimum order quantities and fast lead times.

CHOICE | 43 standard colours.

Recommended for indoor commercial use at entryways, lobbies and at welcome desks. They are highly durable and suited to anywhere you want to display your company logo or message to customers, visitors or employees.

    60 x 85 cm

    75 x 85 cm

    80 x 120 cm

    85 x 150 cm, 85 x 300cm

    120 x180 cm, 120 x 200 cm, 120 x 240 cm

    150 x 200 cm, 150 x 300 cm

    Special sizes available.

    Maximum size: 200 x 1000 cm or 240 x 550 cm

    • YARN: Continuous filament Solution Dyed Nylon Type 6
    • WEIGHT: 1.000 g/m²PILE HEIGHT: 11,3 mm
    • TOTAL WEIGHT: 3.2kg/m²
    • PRIMARY BACKING: Polyester Spun bound Non-woven Fabric 120g/m²
    • RUBBER BACKING: 100% Nitrile EXS Rubber. Compression-molded with reinforced borders for excellent dimensional stability and lay-flat properties
    • BORDER WIDTH: 1.5mm
    • SIZE VARIANCE: +- 2%

    Optigrafic mats can be cleaned in several different ways.

    1. They can be commercially laundered (see Laundering Instructions)
    2. Vacuumed regularly (daily in high-traffic areas; weekly in lower-traffic applications)
    3. Cleaned with an extractor, or hosed off as necessary to remove heavy soil.

    Hang to dry.Mats should always be dry before they are placed back in service.

    1. Flush, 2-3 Min. on a medium water level with a maximum temperature of 49°C
    2. Flush (optional), 2-3 Min. on a medium water level with a maximum temperature of 49 °C
    3. Break, 2-3 Min. on a high water level with a maximum temperature of 49 °C
    4. Rinse, 2 Min. on a high water level with cold temperature
    5. Rinse, 2 Min. on a high water level with cold temperature
    6. Extract on low speed, 1-2 Min.
    7. Shake out with the drum turning, 1 Min.
    8. Extract, on a maximum of 250G, 3-5 Min.
    9. Dry (optional), 5-10 Min. with a maximum basket temperature of 82 °C
    10. Cool down, 5 Min.

    Additional Recommendations:

    • It's recommended that Optibrush mats are washed separately from other mats.
    • Optigraphic & Diplomats can be washed together with other SDN mats.
    • For Heavy Soiled Mats, increase the temperature up to max. 71°C.
    • Break should not exceed pH of 9,5; use low pH non-ionic detergents.
    • Do not overdry mats; Basket-temperature of the dryer should not exceed 82°C.
    • If mats are not dried, the final rinse can be increased to 49°C. This will reduce moisture retention following extraction.
    • Lay Mats flat following removal from washer; allow mats to cool before rolling.